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Modulation of glucose uptake in animal cells. Studies using plasma membrane vesicles isolated from nontransformed and simian virus 40-transformed mouse fibroblast cultures.

Plasma membrane vesicles isolated from nontransformed and Simian virus 40-transformed mouse fibroblast cultures catalyzed carrier-mediated D-glucose transport without detectable metabolic conversion to glucose 6-phosphate. Glucose transport activity was stereospecific, temperature-dependent, sensitive to inactivation by p-chloromercuriphenylsulfonate, and accompanied plasma membrane material during subcellular fractionation. D-Glucose efflux from vesicles was inhibited by phloretin, an inhibitor of glucose uptake in intact cells. Cytochalasin B, a potent inhibitor of glucose uptake when tested with the intact cells used for vesicle isolation did not inhibit glucose transport in vesicles despite the presence of high affinity cytochalasin binding sites in isolated membranes. The enhanced glucose uptake observed in intact cells after viral transformation was not expressed in vesicles: no significant differences in glucose transport specific activity could be detected in vesicle preparations from nontransformed and transformed mouse fibroblast cultures. These findings indicate that cellular components distinct from glucose carriers can mediate changes in glucose uptake in mouse fibroblast cultures in at least two cases: sensitivity to inhibition by cytochalasin B and the enhanced cellular sugar uptake observed after viral transformation.[1]


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