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Dried fruit hypersensitivity and its correlation with pollen allergy.

A group of 102 patients (children and adults) with hypersensitivity to dried fruits and dermo-respiratory pathology underwent "in vivo" tests (skin tests) and "in vitro" tests (histamine release test, specific IgE) using a battery of foods and neumoallergens. We assessed immunoglobulin (IgG, IgA, IgM, IgE) levels as well as the complement (CH50), its components (C3, C4) and the possible presence of circulating immune complexes. Of the dried fruits the almond was the most sensitizing (89%, 87% and 68% of correlation between the clinical history and "in vivo" tests--skin tests--and "in vitro" tests--histamine release test and RAST--, respectively). As regards the other sensitizations, a hypersensitivity to peach was detected in 47% of the cases. As for the association between food allergy and pollen hypersensitivity, the highest percentages were for tree pollen (51%) followed by weeds (27%) and grasses (25%). The complement values did not show significant differences when they were compared with the control population. The statistical study correlating the clinical history with the results of the diagnostic methods--agreements between two or three tests--was positive (p greater than 0.05) for almond and peanut whereas it was negative (p less than 0.005) for hazelnut.[1]


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