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Effect of cyclodextrins on biological membrane. I. Effect of cyclodextrins on the absorption of a non-absorbable drug from rat small intestine and rectum.

The effects of three kinds of cyclodextrins (CyDs), alpha-, beta- and gamma-CyD on biological membranes were investigated by changes in absorption of a non-absorbable drug, sulfanilic acid (SA), from the rat small intestine and rectum using an in situ perfusion technique. The absorption of SA from the intestine was slight and was not affected by the addition of CyDs. After pretreatment with a mucolytic agent, N-acetyl-L-cysteine (N-Ac), the absorption of SA was increased compared with SA alone in the presence of only beta-CyD. Similar treatment with sodium deoxycholate (SDC) and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) to gastro-intestinal membrane showed the enhanced absorption of SA by the addition of beta-CyD. The mucin layer on the surface of the gastro-intestinal membrane may play an important role in the absorption of drugs. On the other hand, enhanced absorption of SA from the rat rectum was not induced by beta-CyD with or without pretreatment with N-Ac, SDC or SLS. Simultaneously, the release of neutral sugars in the perfusate after treatment with adjuvants was also observed with N-Ac, SDC and SLS. These results indicate that the mucin layer works as a barrier to the increased absorption of SA by beta-CyD.[1]


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