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A role for integrin in the formation of sarcomeric cytoarchitecture.

We propose that integrins help to coordinate the differentiation of the internal, sarcomeric cytoarchitecture of a muscle fiber with its immediate environment and are essential for correct integration of muscle cells into tissue. We found that integrin alpha PS2 beta PS accumulated at contact regions of Drosophila embryo cells cultured in D-22 medium on Drosophila laminin. Myotubes formed, but subsequent addition of serum or fibronectin was needed for sarcomere formation: integrin and actin became concentrated at Z-bands; myosin and actin occurred between the Z-bands. This change failed to occur in the multinucleate myotubes derived from integrin beta PS null myospheroid mutants. In normal embryos/early larvae, integrin was located at Z-bands and at muscle insertions. Myogenesis and Z-bands were defective in myospheroid embryos. Attachment, spreading, and growth of myoblasts and neurons on the laminin substrate utilized different binding proteins and were independent of integrin.[1]


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