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Myoglobin content and citrate synthase activity in different parts of the normal human heart.

Myoglobin (Mb) content and citrate synthase (CS) activity were determined in myocardial samples from nine human brain-dead organ donors with normal hearts. Six regions of each heart were analyzed: right and left atria, right ventricle, left ventricular subepicardium, subendocardium, and anterior papillary muscle. The Mb content was similar, whereas the CS activity was higher in the left than in the right heart at both atrial and ventricular levels. Mb content and CS activity were higher in ventricles than in atria. The subendocardial layer and papillary muscle of the left ventricle had a higher Mb content than the subepicardial layer, whereas CS activity was similar in these three locations. The results suggested a closer relationship between CS activity (oxidative potential) and work load than between Mb content and work load. Mb content may, instead, be related to intramuscular oxygen tension (PO2) on the basis of a comparison between our Mb data and those of others on regional variations in myocardial PO2.[1]


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