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Alteration of baroreflex control of forearm vascular resistance by dietary fatty acids.

The effects of dietary safflower (control, n = 10), borage (n = 9), and fish oil (n = 10), as sources of linoleic, gamma-linolenic, and eicosapentaenoic acid, respectively, at a dose of 4.5 ml/day for 4 wk, on cardiovascular responses to lower body negative pressure ( LBNP) were studied in normotensive humans in a randomized, double-blind design. Pre- and postsupplementation, subjects were exposed to 5 min of -10 and -40 mmHg LBNP. Blood pressure (BP), heart rate (HR), forearm blood flow (FBF), forearm vascular resistance (FVR), and plasma norepinephrine (PNE) were measured at each level. Subjects were then exposed to a cold-pressor test, isometric handgrip, and forearm ischemia. At pretest, LBNP reduced BP and FBF and increased HR and FVR in all groups. After diets, the PNE and vasoconstrictor responses to -40 mmHg LBNP, as well as the reflex vasodilation on its cessation, were significantly augmented by borage oil. No diet differences were observed in the HR responses to LBNP or in the responses to the other tasks, with the exception that fish oil increased FBF after forearm ischemia. These data indicate that borage oil augments the arterial baroreflex control of vascular resistance. The vasodilatory effects of fish oil may be mediated via local mechanisms.[1]


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