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Chromogranins in rat brain: characterization, topographical distribution and regulation of synthesis.

The properties and distribution of chromogranins A, B and secretogranin II in rat brain were analyzed by quantitative immunoblotting. In contrast to endocrine tissues brain contains a significant amount of the proteoglycan form of chromogranin A. For secretogranin II a significant degree of endogenous proteolytic processing is apparent. Chromogranin A and secretogranin II had a similar topographical distribution with the highest concentrations found in the hypothalamus, amygdala/piriform cortex and hippocampus, whereas for chromogranin B by far the highest concentration was found in the cerebellum. Compared with adrenal medulla the concentration of all three proteins is low, however, secretogranin II appears relatively enriched. The synthesis of chromogranin A in brain does not depend on glucocorticoids since neither adrenalectomy nor dexamethasone treatment changed its levels. This is in contrast to adrenal medulla and to the anterior pituitary. Three days after kainic acid-induced seizures the levels of chromogranin A in frontal cortex and hippocampus were significantly elevated. For frontal cortex there was also an increase of the respective mRNA. This result establishes that the synthesis of chromogranin A can be regulated like that of neuropeptides.[1]


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