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Gene Review

Chga  -  chromogranin A (parathyroid secretory...

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: CgA, Chromogranin-A
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Disease relevance of Chga


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  • We conclude that activation of chromogranin A transcription by secretory stimulation in chromaffin cells is highly dependent upon precise route of calcium entry into the cytosol; transcription occurred after entry of calcium through -type channels on the cell surface, and was mediated by protein kinase C activation [8].
  • KCREB, a dominant negative mutant of the CRE-binding protein CREB, blunted activation of chromogranin A transcription by nicotine, phorbol ester, or membrane depolarization [8].
  • Here, we examine signal transduction pathways whereby secretory stimuli influence exocytotic secretion versus chromogranin A transcription [8].
  • Transcriptional responses to both nicotine and protein kinase C mapped principally onto the chromogranin A promoter's cAMP response element (TGACGTAA; CRE box) [8].
  • The purpose of this study was to examine whether ECL cells, which are controlled by gastrin, represent a major source of circulating pancreastatin, a fragment of chromogranin A. METHODS: Rats underwent surgical procedures and treatments in which the ECL cells could be manipulated [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of Chga


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Associations of Chga with chemical compounds

  • On the contrary, in castrated rats supplied with an estradiol implant, the expression and content of CgA in the pituitary were remarkably suppressed, and large secretory granules disappeared from gonadotropes [20].
  • A testosterone implant to castrated rats remarkably suppressed the expression and circulating levels of LH and increased the CgA content in the pituitary to near-normal levels [20].
  • These different effects of androgen and estrogen on the expression level of CgA are closely associated with the sex-related differences in the ultrastructure of secretory granules within gonadotropes [20].
  • Estrogen replacement resulted in a parallel decrease of CgA and LH beta mRNA to the control values, starting from the lowest steroid dose (5 micrograms) [21].
  • Repeated phencyclidine treatment (10mg/kg/day) for five days resulted in elevated secretoneurin levels in cortical areas whereas chromogranin A and chromogranin B tissue levels were unchanged [22].

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