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Purification and complex formation analysis of a cysteine proteinase inhibitor (cystatin) from seeds of Wisteria floribunda.

Seeds of Wisteria floribunda contain several kinds of cysteine proteinase inhibitor (cystatin). We purified and characterized one of these inhibitors, named WCPI-3. The molecular weight of WCPI-3 was estimated to be 17,500 and 15,700 by gel filtration and SDS-PAGE, respectively. The isoelectric point was 5. 7. WCPI-3 formed an equimolar complex with native papain and the dissociation constant was estimated to be 6.1 nM. Complex formation between WCPI-3 and Cys25-modified papain, such as S-carboxy-methylated or S-carbamoylmethylated papain, could not be observed by gel filtration or native PAGE analysis. A peptide fragment derived from WCPI-3 digested by Achromobacter proteinase (lysyl endopeptidase) had the amino acid sequence of VVAGVNYRFVLK. The VVAG sequence in this fragment corresponds to the conserved sequence QVVAG which is considered to be one of binding regions to cysteine proteinases. The amino acid sequence of the amino-terminal portion (34 residues) of WCPI-3 was highly homologous to that of oryzacystatin from rice seeds.[1]


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