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The pathogenesis and significance of pre-iridal fibrovascular membrane in domestic animals.

Histologic examination was made of 1,419 globes from domestic animals (964 dogs, 374 cats, 41 horses, and 40 cattle) with ocular disease; pre-iridal membranes (rubeosis iridis) were found in 98. The membranes originated as endothelial budding from the anterior iridal stroma and seemed to mature into fibrous or fibrovascular membranes that were often followed by hyphema or, occasionally, glaucoma. Pre-existent disease in the 98 affected globes included chronic endophthalmitis (27/98), chronic glaucoma (24/98), anterior uveal melanoma (15/98), ciliary body adenoma (14/98), neoplasms metastatic to the eye (8/98), and chronic retinal detachment (6/98). In terms of likelihood of occurrence, pre-iridal membranes seen in 21% (6/21) of globes with retinal detachment, 19% (14/75) of those with ciliary body adenomas, 14% (24/167) of those with chronic glaucoma, and 10% (15/158) of those with anterior uveal melanoma. They were detected with greatest relative frequency in horses (9/41) followed by dogs (83/964), cats (5/374) and cattle (1/40). These membranes, which are rarely detected by clinical examination, probably form in response to angiogenic factors released by ischemic retina, by neoplasms, or by leukocytes involved in ocular inflammation.[1]


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