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An evaluation of the male reproductive toxicity of cathinone.

(-)-Cathinone is the major psychoactive component of khat plant (Catha edulis Forssk.). Khat has been shown to produce reproductive toxicity in human beings and experimental animals. However, the chemical constituents of khat leaves responsible for sexual dysfunction are not known. In the present study cathinone enantiomers have been investigated for their reproductive toxicity in rats. Cathinone produced a dose-dependent decrease in food consumption and suppressed the gain in body weight. There was a significant decrease in sperm count and motility and increase in the number of abnormal sperms in cathinone treated animals. Histopathological examination of testes revealed degeneration of interstitial tissue, cellular infiltration and atrophy of Sertoli and Leydig's cells in cathinone treated animals. Cathinone also produced a significant decrease in plasma testosterone levels of the rats. Although both enantiomers of cathinone produced deleterious effects on male reproductive system, (-)-cathinone was found to be more toxic. From this study it may be concluded that the cathinone content in khat may be partially or totally responsible for the reproductive toxicity in khat chewers.[1]


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