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An 18-kDa glycoprotein from bovine nasal cartilage. Isolation and primary structure of small, cartilage-derived glycoprotein.

A glycosylated protein (small, cartilage-derived glycoprotein, SCGP) of approximately 18 kDa with unknown function has been isolated from dissociative extracts of bovine nasal cartilage and its primary structure determined. The protein has 121 amino acids, giving a calculated protein molecular weight of 13,878, four disulfide bonds, two N-linked oligosaccharides and one O-linked oligosaccharide. In nasal cartilage, this glycoprotein is in molar concentrations equivalent to 1/5-1/2 that of the link protein of cartilage proteoglycan aggregates, and it has also been isolated from bovine articular cartilage and from bovine fetal epiphysis. The N-terminal, glycosylated region of the molecule is relatively rich in arginine, proline, glycine, and threonine. The C-terminal 82 amino acids (which contains all four of the disulfide bonds and none of the carbohydrate) can be found as a discrete entity in cartilage extracts, indicating that the N-terminal domain is readily removed by extracellular proteolytic attack.[1]


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