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Gallium-67 as a potential marker for aluminium transport in rat brain: implications for Alzheimer's disease.

Evidence of a link between aluminium and Alzheimer's disease, parkinsonism-dementia of Guam, and dialysis encephalopathy raises questions regarding the role of this element in the pathogenesis of these conditions. Therefore, we have investigated the use of gallium-67 (67Ga) as a marker for brain uptake of aluminium. The binding of 67Ga to plasma proteins has been studied, and the blood-brain barrier permeability and autoradiographic distribution of this isotope in rat brain determined in vivo. The autoradiographic distribution of 125I-Fe-transferrin receptors in rat brain has also been determined in vitro. Results show that 67Ga was bound to plasma transferrin, entered the brain with a blood-brain barrier permeability of 2.48 x 10(-6) ml/min/g, and showed a marked regional distribution that was very similar to that of 125I-Fe-transferrin receptors. Our data suggest that the vulnerability of the hippocampus, amygdala, and cerebral cortex in conditions such as those mentioned above may be partly due to an increased uptake and deposition of aluminium in these regions by the iron transport system.[1]


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