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Differential expression and regulation of the c-src and c-fgr protooncogenes in myelomonocytic cells.

To study the expression of src-related protooncogenes during the development of myeloid cells and the regulation of these genes by the colony-stimulating factors that control myelopoiesis, normal monocytic cells at distinct stages of differentiation were derived from murine bone marrow with the monocytic lineage colony-stimulating factor CSF-1. Protooncogene expression was also examined in uncultured human myeloid leukemia cells. While c-src transcripts were detected in myeloid leukemia cells representative of all stages of differentiation, the highly related gene c-fgr was expressed at high levels only at later developmental stages, both in normal cells committed to the monocytic lineage and in leukemic cells with a differentiated myelomonocytic phenotype. When bone marrow-derived monocytic cells were synchronized and stimulated to proliferate with CSF-1, c-fgr transcripts (but not transcripts from the highly related genes c-src or c-yes) were induced 8 hr after the addition of CSF-1 and decreased to low levels by 20 hr as the monocytic cells entered S phase. The selective induction of c-fgr mRNA by CSF-1 suggests that this tyrosine kinase may have a unique function in normal monocytic cells, distinct from other src-related tyrosine kinases.[1]


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