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Fine structural and cytochemical studies on the hamster subcommissural organ.

The subcommissural organ (SCO) of the golden hamster (Mesocricetus auratus) was studied by conventional electron microscopy, freeze-fracture technique, zinc-iodide-osmium (ZIO) and acid phosphatase cytochemical reactions. The ultrastructure of hamster SCO cells shows a few flattened cisternae of rough endoplasmic reticulum (ER) without dilated ones in the cytoplasm. The Golgi apparatus is very well developed. Freeze-fracture studies also indicate only short profiles of flattened ER in the cytoplasm endorsing the absence of dilated ER cisternae. After the treatment with ZIO mixture, reaction products were observed over flattened cisternae of the ER and the nuclear envelope. The Golgi apparatus was also reactive toward the ZIO mixture. Acid phosphatase activities are localized in the inner one or two saccules of the Golgi apparatus and dense bodies. From these results we suggest that (1) hamster SCO cells do not accumulate secretory material in the cytoplasm in the form of discrete secretory granules or dilated cisternae of ER, and (2) hamster SCO cells may possess extremely high secretory activity or may not be actively involved in secretory function at all as in rats or other rodents.[1]


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