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Increase in phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate induced by ATP and Pi depletion in hepatocytes.

A series of compounds that induce depletion of ATP and Pi when added to isolated rat hepatocytes were found to cause a remarkable, although transient, elevation in the concentration of phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate ( PRPP) in these cells. After the addition of 5 mM fructose, xylitol, tagatose, or D-xylulose, PRPP increased from a basal value of 6 +/- 1 nmol/g of cells to, respectively, 68 +/- 11, 42 +/- 11, 67 +/- 22, and 530 +/- 50 nmol/g of cells (means +/- SEM of 3-9 experiments). In each case, the increase in PRPP was preceded by a latency period of 5-10 min. PRPP reached maximal levels 15 min after the addition of fructose and 30 min after that of xylitol and D-xylulose, but continued to increase for as long as 60 min after the addition of tagatose. Most striking was that the increase in PRPP closely paralleled the restoration of intracellular Pi. Ribose 5-P increased about two- to fivefold after the addition of fructose, xylitol, and tagatose, and approximately 12-fold after D-xylulose. The mechanism by which ATP- and Pi-depleting compounds stimulate the activity of PRPP synthetase in isolated rat hepatocytes is discussed.[1]


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