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Nucleotide sequence of the Stp-1 gene coding for rat spermatid nuclear transition protein 1 (TP1): homology with protamine P1 and assignment of the mouse Stp-1 gene to chromosome 1.

Spermatid transition protein 1 ( TP1) is a 54 amino acid (aa), highly basic chromosomal protein found in mammals during the brief period when histones are being replaced by protamines in the haploid phase of spermatogenesis. Using a cDNA clone as probe, we have isolated the gene (Stp-1) coding for rat TP1 from a population of recombinant bacteriophage lambda. The nucleotide (nt) sequence was established from a point 126 nt upstream from the mRNA cap site to a point about 30 nt downstream from the predicted site of polyadenylation. The gene contains a single intron separating the codon for aa 45 of the mature protein. Comparison of the nucleotide sequences for Stp-1 and the mouse gene coding for protamine P1 suggests a possible evolutionary relationship. Southern blot hybridization to genomic DNA isolated from a panel of mouse-hamster somatic cell hybrids unambiguously mapped Stp-1 to mouse chromosome 1.[1]


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