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Concomitant augmentation of CD4+ CD45R+ suppressor/inducer subset and diminution of CD4+ CDw29+ helper/inducer subset during rush hyposensitization in hymenoptera venom allergy.

A longitudinal study of patients undergoing rush hyposensitization by honey-bee or yellow jacket venom revealed significant changes of the immunophenotypes until the optimal dose was reached, and a progressive reversion to pre-treatment values in the following months. The activation markers CD23 on B cells and CD25 ( IL-2 receptor) on T and B lymphocytes decreased. Although there was little variation of the major CD4 and CD8 lymphocyte populations, CD45R+ cells increased whilst CDw29+ lymphocytes diminished. This inverse variation was associated with a peak of CD4+ CD45R+ cells with concomitant decrease in CD4+ CDw29+ cells showing an inverse effect of the treatment on the reciprocal subsets of CD4 lymphocytes. This indicates a shift in the suppressor/inducer to helper/inducer cell ratio early during rush hyposensitization which may also suggest reversion into a less mature stage of CD4+ cells, associated with the transition from a highly allergen-reactive state to progressive unresponsiveness.[1]


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