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The T-cell receptor V delta genes predominantly used by human peripheral gamma/delta+ T lymphocytes are not rearranged in CD3- natural killer cells.

We have analyzed, in 19 CD3- natural killer cell clones, the genomic organization of the T-cell receptor delta locus with two distinct V delta probes, V delta 1 and V delta 2. These two V delta genes code for surface proteins expressed in more than 90% of peripheral blood T-cell receptor gamma/delta+ lymphocytes, as shown by double color immunofluorescence analysis with anti-TCR delta 1, anti-BB3, and anti-delta TCS1 monoclonal antibodies. The V delta 1 and V delta 2 genes were found to be in germline position in all these clones, which are distinct phenotypically and represent a variety of the corresponding peripheral natural killer cell populations. We also studied in these cloned cell lines the transcriptional activity of the T-cell receptor delta locus with a C delta probe: short transcripts (1.7 and 0.8 kb) were found exclusively. These experiments further suggest that CD3- natural killer peripheral cells are likely to constitute a unique lineage distinct from T lymphocytes.[1]


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