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Autoradiographic localization of [3H] gamma-aminobutyric acid in neuronal elements of the rat gastric antrum and intestine.

High-affinity uptake and localization of radiolabelled gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) has been examined using light microscopic autoradiography in laminar preparations and transverse paraffin sections of the rat stomach, and small and large intestine. In the presence of beta-alanine (10(-3) M), a substrate specific inhibitor of high-affinity GABA transport into glia, tritiated GABA was accumulated by a high-affinity uptake system into myenteric ganglia and a subpopulation of mucosal cells. In the small and large intestine high-affinity uptake of [3H]GABA was evident in myenteric ganglion cells, extra-ganglionic sites and in the deep muscular nerve plexus of the circular muscle layer. Such labelling could be prevented in tissue treated with the specific neuronal high-affinity uptake blocker, L-2,4-diaminobutyric acid dihydrochloride (L-DABA; 10(-3) M), and therefore represented the selective distribution of [3H]GABA uptake sites to intrinsic neuronal elements of the rat gastrointestinal tract.[1]


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