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The purification and properties of urocanase from Pseudomonas testosteroni.

Urocanase (urocanate hydratase, EC purified from Pseudomonas testosteroni has a mol.wt. of 118000 determined by sedimentation-equilibrium analysis. Ultracentrifugation in 6M-guanidine hydrochloride and polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis in sodium dodecyl sulphate show that the enzyme consists of two identical or very similar subunits. It is, like urocanase isolated from other sources, inhibited by reagents that react with carbonyl groups. Although urocanase from Ps. testosteroni is strongly inhibited by NaBH4, no evidence could be obtained for the presence of covalently bound 2-oxobutyrate as a prosthetic group; this is in contrast with findings elsewhere for urocanase from Pseudomonas putida. Urocanase from Ps. testosteroni does not contain pyridoxal 5'-phosphate as a coenzyme and in this respect is similar to all urocanases studied in purified form.[1]


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