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Increased dexamethasone resistance of cystic fibrosis fibroblasts.

We demonstrate previously that fibroblasts from cystic fibrosis ( CF) patients are significantly more resistant to the toxic effects of ouabain than normal human fibroblasts are. Ouabain is generally assumed to act primarily at the level of the cell membrane and to cause killing of cells by inhibiting ion transport. We have therefore examined the ability of normal and CF cells to survive exposure to ethacrynic acid, another inhibitor of ion transport, and to survive colchicine and aminopterin, resistance to which has been associated with membrane alterations in other cells. The effect of dexamethasone, which has a sterol nucleus similar to that of ouabain but is thought to have a different site of cellular action, was also tested. Exposure of the cells to ethacrynic acid, colchicine, or aminopterin did not reveal any differences in survival between normal and CF fibroblasts. However, CF cells survived exposure to dexamethasone significantly better than normal cells did. These results suggest that normal and CF cells do not differ in terms of a generalized resistance to ion transport inhibitors or to drugs that must pass through the membrane to be active. Instead, the results raise the possibility that CF cells have an enhanced resistance to drugs that have the sterol nucleus found in ouabain and dexamethasone.[1]


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