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Carbon assimilation and extracellular antigens of some yeast-like fungi.

Many yeast-like fungi assimilated n-hexadecane, butylamine and putrescine as sole carbon sources. Methanol was not assimilated. This points to a physiological similarity to endomycetous, hydrocarbon-utilizing yeasts. Stephanoascus ciferrii assimilated uric acid, adenine and allantoin as sole source of carbon and nitrogen. All strains of Geotrichum candidum and many other yeast-like fungi assimilated acetoin and butan-2,3-diol. Assimilation tests for adenine, uric acid, allantoin, acetoin and butan-2,3-diol were found to be suitable for taxonomic purposes. Extracellular antigens immunologically related to those produced by Geotrichum candidum were detected in the cell-free culture liquids of several yeast-like fungi. The extracellular antigen excreted by Stephanoascus ciferrii was species-specific.[1]


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