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Chemical Compound Review

putrescine     butane-1,4-diamine

Synonyms: Putrescin, Putreszin, putrescina, Lopac-P-7505, CHEMBL46257, ...
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Disease relevance of putrescine


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Chemical compound and disease context of putrescine


Biological context of putrescine

  • Moreover, the rate of putrescine transport was dependent on cell density [20].
  • These observations suggest that inhibition of ODC and accompanying putrescine production are the underlying mechanisms by which NO and DFMO activate the MAPK pathway to promote induction of p21(waf1/cip1) and consequent inhibition of cell proliferation [21].
  • The electrophoretic mobility and Michaelis constants for the deamination of histimine and putrescine were identical for histaminases from human placenta and from medullary thyroid carcinoma [22].
  • These facts suggest that the induction of ODCase and the formation of putrescine by PTH are good markers of the differentiated phenotype of cultured chondrocytes [23].
  • Under conditions leading to cell death (e.g., 150 microM putrescine, pH 9.8), the correlation did not hold as a result of leakage of accumulated putrescine [24].

Anatomical context of putrescine


Associations of putrescine with other chemical compounds


Gene context of putrescine

  • The meu1Delta cells have a higher putrescine and a lower spermidine level than MEU1(+) cells, suggesting that the decreased spermidine level in the meu1Delta cultures is responsible for the greater apparent stability of ODC in the meu1Delta cells [33].
  • MTAP expression causes a significant decrease in intracellular polyamine levels and alters the ratio of putrescine to total polyamines [34].
  • It was found that TPO5 excretes putrescine effectively and spermidine less effectively [35].
  • NLP1 is one of the two missing links in the arginine decarboxylase pathway of putrescine biosynthesis in higher plants [36].
  • Yeast mutants deficient in polyamine biosynthesis required >10-fold higher concentrations of exogenous putrescine to restore cell proliferation upon deletion of the AGP2 gene [37].
  • The transcription of puuA was induced by putrescine and in a puuR-deleted strain [38].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of putrescine


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