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Disease relevance of Geotrichum

  • Tracing experiments were carried out to identify volatile and nonvolatile L-methionine degradation intermediates and end products in the yeast Geotrichum candidum and in the bacterium Brevibacterium linens, both of which are present in the surface flora of certain soft cheeses and contribute to the ripening reactions [1].

High impact information on Geotrichum

  • Ser-His-Glu triad forms the catalytic site of the lipase from Geotrichum candidum [2].
  • A novel oligoxyloglucan-specific glycosidase, oligoxyloglucan reducing end-specific cellobiohydrolase (OXG-RCBH), with a molecular mass of 97 kDa and a pI of 6.1, was isolated from the fungus Geotrichum sp. M128 [3].
  • Does sequence similarity of human choline esterase, Torpedo acetylcholine esterase and Geotrichum candidum lipase reveal the active site serine residue [4]?
  • Reduction of methyl ketones by dried cells of Geotrichum candidum (APG4) afforded (S)-alcohols in excellent enantiomeric excess (ee), whereas the reduction of trifluoromethyl ketones gave the corresponding alcohols of the opposite configuration also in excellent ee [5].
  • JHE is a member of the alpha/beta hydrolase fold family of enzymes and was built according to two structures in the same family: acetylcholinesterase from Torpedo californica and lipase from Geotrichum candidum [6].

Biological context of Geotrichum


Associations of Geotrichum with chemical compounds


Gene context of Geotrichum

  • The updated Vitek Yeast Biochemical Card (YBC) was compared with the API 20C by using 409 germ tube-negative yeasts and Geotrichum spp. that were either clinical or proficiency sample isolates [15].
  • Geotrichum silvicola sp. nov., a novel asexual arthroconidial yeast species related to the genus Galactomyces [16].
  • The substrate profiles of Geotrichum candidum lipase obtained by both a titrimetric assay and the RTA assay indicated the highest activity against triolein [17].
  • An extracellular lipase (EC from Geotrichum marinum was purified 76-fold with 46% recovery using Octyl Sepharose 4 Fast Flow and Bio-Gel A 1.5 m chromatography [18].
  • With guinea pig pancreatic lipase and with three mold lipases (Geotrichum candidum M, Geotrichum candidum A, and Candida antarctica B), the preference switches from sn-3 to sn-1 when the acyl chain length increases from eight to 18 carbon atoms [19].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Geotrichum


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