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Phenytoin induces interleukin-1 production in vitro.

Human adherent mononuclear cells and subcloned cell lines established from the human histiocytic cell line U-937 were cultured with phenytoin (PHT) and/or lipopolysaccharide (LPS) purified from Bacteroides fragilis. After the cultivation period, the cell-free supernatants were tested for interleukin-1 (Il-1) activity. The results showed that PHT induces Il-1 activity and potentiates LPS-induced Il-1 production. In the monocytic cell line U-937, the induced Il-1 production was found to be clonally distributed indicating that the response to PHT may be exerted by a subpopulation of monocytes. The PHT-induced Il-1 activity may be of importance in the development of gingival overgrowth. The induced Il-1 could also contribute to other known side effects such as dermatologic reactions accompanied by transient fever seen in patients medicating the drug.[1]


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