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Proliferation of macrophage subpopulations in the adult rat: comparison of various lymphoid organs.

Adult male Lewis rats received a single intravenous injection of 5-bromo-2'-deoxyuridine (BRDU) to label all proliferating cells in the S-phase of the cell cycle. Various lymphoid organs were removed 1 and 24 hr after injection to assess local proliferation and migration of newly formed cells, respectively. In cell suspensions, surface staining was performed for macrophage subsets (ED1, ED2, ED3), and the DNA label BRDU was detected by a monoclonal antibody. Local proliferation of ED1+ macrophages occurred in all organs investigated with the exception of the blood. Bone marrow outweighed the other organs by far; in addition to the proliferating ED1+ promonocytes, the bone marrow also contained BRDU-labeled ED2+ macrophages. Newly formed ED1+ monocytes migrated into lymphoid organs such as the mesenteric lymph nodes and spleen where they comprised about 90% of newly formed macrophages. In the spleen, ED3+ macrophages seemed to be renewed by local proliferation, whereas in the mesenteric lymph nodes these cells were replaced by immigration. The heterogeneity of macrophages was further demonstrated by the different renewal of splenic macrophages. ED1+ and ED3+ cells were replaced in a matter of days, whereas it would probably take several months to renew ED2+ cells.[1]


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