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Effects of dapiprazole on contractile responses of guinea pig isolated ileum.

The effects of dapiprazole, a relatively new alpha 1-adrenolytic agent, on contractile responses and on spontaneous mechanical activity were studied in guinea pig isolated ileum. Dapiprazole (10(-10) to 10(-4) M) produced a concentration-dependent inhibition of high K+ (80 mM) -induced contractions. These inhibitory effects were observed with dapiprazole added either before or after the induced contractions. The Ca2+-induced contractions of K+-depolarized ileum were also inhibited by dapiprazole. Dapiprazole inhibited in a non competitive manner the responses of the ileum to: carbachol, histamine, 5-hydroxytryptamine, pentagastrin, angiotensin II and cholecystokinin. In order to analize whether dapiprazole exerts an intracellular effect on Ca2+-store, skinned preparations were used. The results suggest that dapiprazole might inhibit Ca2+ entry through both voltage-and receptor-operated channels of the smooth muscle membrane.[1]


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