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Micro-electrophoretic studies in the cat pulvinar region: effect of acetylcholine.

1. In the posterior half of the pulvinar of cats anaesthetized with halothane and nitrous oxide, the majority of neurons were fired by ACh released with small electrophoretic currents. In the anterior part of that nucleus, ACh had more variable effects: excitation, depression or none. 2. In comparison with L-glutamate, DL-homocysteic acid and DL-aspartic acid, ACh appeared to be the most potent excitant. 3. ACh-induced discharges were easily and reversibly blocked by low doses of atropine. In most cases, ACh effects could not be blocked selectively by mecamylamine or dihydro-beta-erythroidine. 4. Nicotine failed to mimic ACh, whereas carbachol was a potent excitant and was readily blocked by low doses of atropine. 5. The histochemical reaction to acetylcholinesterase was moderate in the pulvinar. 6. These observations support the view that pulvinar cells differ from other thalamic cells.[1]


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