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DNA rearrangement of a homeobox gene in myeloid leukaemic cells.

A homeobox gene rearrangement has been detected in WEHI-3B mouse myeloid leukaemic cells. The rearranged gene was identified as Hox-2.4 which is a member of the Hox-2 gene cluster on mouse chromosome 11. Both the normal and the rearranged genes were cloned and analysed, and the rearranged genomic Hox-2.4 gene was sequenced. The results indicate that the rearrangement is due to insertion of an intracisternal A particle 5' upstream to Hox-2.4 and that this resulted in constitutive expression of the homeobox gene. It is suggested that constitutive expression of the homeobox gene may interrupt the normal development program in these leukaemic cells.[1]


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