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A role of Ia-associated invariant chains in antigen processing and presentation.

Most native antigens require processing in a cellular compartment for efficient presentation to T helper cells. The cellular elements that permit processing are not known. We investigated a possible role of the class II MHC-associated invariant chains in antigen processing. Fibroblast cells that were transfected with class II genes were compared with fibroblasts supertransfected with the invariant chain gene for their capacity to present the fifth component of complement ( C5) to C5-specific class II restricted T cell clones or influenza virus protein to a virus-specific T cell clone. Only fibroblasts supertransfected with the invariant chain gene were able to present native antigen, even at very low antigen concentration, whereas both fibroblast types could present cyanogen bromide-fragmented C5 or the virus peptide. Presentation of intact antigen but not of fragmented antigen was totally abrogated by treatment of fibroblasts with chloroquine. The invariant chain gene encodes two polypeptides, li31 and li41. Expression of either li31 or li41 was sufficient to render class II-expressing fibroblasts capable of presenting intact antigen.[1]


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