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Synteny mapping of the genes for 21 steroid hydroxylase, alpha A crystallin, and class I bovine leukocyte antigen in cattle.

Synteny mapping of the genes for bovine alpha A crystallin (CRYA-1), steroid 21 hydroxylase (21OH), and a class I major histocompatibility locus bovine leukocyte antigen (BoLA) was accomplished by Southern blot analysis of DNA from bovine-hamster hybrid somatic cells. Comparison of the distribution patterns of CRYA-1, 21OH, and BoLA sequences among the hybrid cells revealed that the genes are located on two different chromosomes in the bovine genome. CRYA-1 mapped with superoxide dismutase (SOD1 in syntenic group U10, while 21OH and BoLA were concordant with glyoxylase (GLO1) in syntenic group U21. Therefore, the syntenic array of CRYA-1, 21OH, and BoLA in cattle is different from that observed in rodents, where the genes are closely linked to each other and to GLO1, and consistent with reported linkages in man.[1]


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