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Suppressors of the ras2 mutation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae contains two members of the ras gene family. Strains with disruptions of the RAS2 gene fail to grow efficiently on nonfermentable carbon sources. This growth defect can be suppressed by extragenic mutations called sra. We have isolated 79 independent suppressor mutations, 68 of which have been assigned to one of five loci. Eleven additional dominant mutations have not been assigned to a specific locus. Some sra1 and SRA4 and all SRA3 mutations were RAS independent, allowing growth of yeast cells that lack a functional RAS gene. Mutations in sra1, SRA3, SRA4 and sra6 are linked to his6, ino1, met3 and ade6, respectively. Some sra mutants have pleiotropic phenotypes that affect glycogen accumulation, sporulation, viability, respiratory capacity and suppression of two cell-division-cycle mutations, cdc25 and cdc35. The proposed functions of many of the suppressor genes are consistent with the model in which RAS activates adenylate cyclase.[1]


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