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Lambda 5, a new light-chain-related locus selectively expressed in pre-B lymphocytes.

The development from stem cells to pre-B cells, B lymphocytes and, finally, plasma cells and memory cells proceeds through various stages which have been defined by the genomic context in which immunoglobulin (Ig) heavy (H) and light (L) chain gene segments are found, as well as by their state of expression. They have also been identified by surface marker analysis and susceptibility to various stimuli regulating growth and differentiation. We have searched for genes that are expressed at given stages in the B-lymphocyte development pathway and which might function to control this development at various stages. A complementary DNA sequence called pZ183 was found in a library constructed from messenger RNA of the murine pre-B lymphoma cell line 70Z/3 which is selectively expressed in pre-B cells. Here we report the nucleotide sequence of a cDNA clone (pZ183-1) containing 0.7 kilobases (kb) of the pZ183 gene. Part of this sequence shows strong homology to constant (C) and joining (J) region sequences of lambda 1 L chains. Our findings define a new immunoglobulin L-chain-related locus, which we call lambda 5, that is selectively transcribed in pre-B lymphocytes.[1]


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