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Purification and characterization of palmitoyl-CoA ligase from rat brain microsomes.

We have previously shown the existence of two separate enzymes for the synthesis of palmitoyl-CoA and lignoceroyl-CoA in rat brain microsomal membranes (1). Palmitoyl-CoA ligase activity was solubilized from brain microsomal membranes with 0.3% Triton X-100 and purified 93-fold by a combination of protein purification techniques. The Km values for the substrates palmitic acid, CoASH and ATP were 11.7 microM, 5.88 microM and 3.77 mM respectively. During activation of palmitic acid ATP is hydrolyzed to AMP and pyrophosphate, as evidenced by the inhibition of this activation by 5 mM concentrations of AMP, pyrophosphate or AMP and pyrophosphate to 70%, 60% and 85% respectively. The divalent metal ion Mg2+ was required for activity; its replacement with Mn2+ resulted in a 35% decrease in activity. Palmitoyl-CoA ligase activity was inhibited by the addition of oleic or stearic acids whereas addition of lignoceric acid or behenic acid had no effect. This supports our previous observation that palmitoyl-CoA and lignoceroyl-CoA are synthesized by two different enzymes in rat brain microsomal membranes.[1]


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