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Primary structure of the mouse laminin B2 chain and comparison with laminin B1.

One of the major components of basement membranes is the glycoprotein laminin, made up of three disulfide-bonded subunits, the A, B1, and B2 chains. We have isolated and sequenced overlapping mouse laminin B2 chain cDNA clones covering 7562 base pairs. The deduced amino acid sequence predicts that the mature B2 chain consists of 1572 residues, has an unglycosylated molecular weight of 173,541, and possesses 14 potential N-linked glycosylation sites. Analysis of the predicted secondary structure shows the presence of six domains, two rich in alpha-helical structure, two composed of homologous cysteine-rich repeat units, and two globular regions. The organization of the molecule is very similar to that of the mouse laminin B1 chain, and significant sequence homology between the B1 and B2 chains was found in their two cysteine-rich domains and in their amino-terminal globular domains.[1]


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