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Gene Review

Lamb1  -  laminin B1

Mus musculus

Synonyms: C77966, C80098, C81607, D130003D08Rik, Lamb-1, ...
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Disease relevance of Lamb1-1


High impact information on Lamb1-1

  • One way that the activity of such transcription factors is controlled is by the regulation of their movement between the cytosol and nucleus (Vandromme, M., C. Gauthier-Rouviere, N. Lamb, and A. Fernandez, 1996. Trends Biochem.Sci. 21:59-64; Lei, E.P. and P.A. Silver, 2002. Dev. Cell 2:261-272) [4].
  • Both tenascin mRNAs and the mRNA of another ECM protein, laminin B1 chain, were drastically downregulated by glucocorticoids during initiation of bone marrow cultures [5].
  • Lamb1(-/-) embryos are similar to Lamc1(-/-) embryos in that they lack basement membranes and do not survive beyond embryonic day (E) 5 [6].
  • Mutagenic insertions in both Lama1 and Lamb1 were obtained in a secretory gene trap screen [6].
  • The organization of the molecule is very similar to that of the mouse laminin B1 chain, and significant sequence homology between the B1 and B2 chains was found in their two cysteine-rich domains and in their amino-terminal globular domains [7].

Biological context of Lamb1-1


Anatomical context of Lamb1-1


Other interactions of Lamb1-1

  • Two additional markers, D12Nyu5 and Lamb-1, previously not ordered, were located in the middle of the interval between D12Nyu12 and D12Nyu1 [13].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Lamb1-1


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