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Location of the genes controlling H-Y antigen expression and testis determination on the mouse Y chromosome.

Sex-reversed XX male mice that carry the variant form of the testis-determining Sxr region, Sxr', do not express male-specific H-Y antigen. In a stock of mice segregating for Sxr', we detected an exceptional XX male that proved positive for H-Y antigen. DNA fingerprinting revealed that the banding pattern characteristic of Sxr' had been replaced by the pattern associated with the native testis-determining region of the normal Y chromosome of that stock, presumably by pairing and crossing-over between the two testis-determining regions of the father's Y Sxr' chromosome. Pairing between the two ends of such a chromosome in a loop-like configuration has been observed by electron microscopy. However, an anomalous crossing-over event of this kind would only give rise to the observed result if the native homologue of the Sxr region were situated on the very minute short arm of the Y chromosome. We therefore conclude that the two linked genes Tdy and Hya, controlling testis determination and H-Y antigen expression, respectively, are located on the short arm of the mouse Y chromosome.[1]


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