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Dynamics of erythropoiesis following renal transplantation.

We examined the temporal dynamics of the correction of anemia following renal transplantation in 65 recipients using a sensitive radioimmunoassay for erythropoietin to determine the effects of modern immunosuppressive agents, delayed graft function, and early acute rejection. Pretransplant mean erythropoietin (25.6 +/- 3.3 mU/ml) was only 25% of the expected value at the mean hematocrit of 27.2 +/- 0.7, and erythropoietin correlated positively with hematocrit (r = 0.37, P less than 0.05). Following onset of graft function, erythropoietin increased to 109 +/- 13 mU/ml and then decreased in a negative feedback fashion over the next several months. Delayed graft function was associated with delay in the assumption of this orderly process irrespective of the immunosuppressive regimen used. Cyclosporine A produced a biphasic response despite delayed graft function in recipients with underlying adult polycystic kidney disease. Correction of anemia required resumption of graft function. Onset of acute graft rejection within the first month posttransplantation (14 episodes in 11 patients) abrogated the hematopoietic response until the rejection was successfully reversed. We conclude that a major cause for the anemia of renal failure is subnormal production of erythropoietin. Following transplantation, anemia corrects in an orderly manner with restoration of the normal biofeedback process between erythropoietin and red cell mass. This process is delayed by failure of graft to function initially and interrupted by acute early rejection, re-commencing following successful reversal.[1]


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