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Chronic flunixin meglumine therapy in foals.

Effects of a therapeutic dose of flunixin meglumine on gastric mucosa of horse foals were determined by endoscopy, double-contrast radiography, and gross and histologic examinations. Foals were administered 1.1 mg of flunixin meglumine/kg of body weight, PO/day for 30 days in an encapsulated form that was divided into 2 doses/day (group 1; n = 3) or by IM injection once a day (group 2; n = 7). Three control foals (group 3; n = 3) were administered capsules (n = 1) containing dextrose powder or IM injections (n = 2) of vehicle solution without flunixin meglumine. All 3 groups-1 foals given flunixin meglumine PO developed oral ulcers. Group-2 foals given flunixin meglumine IM did not develop oral ulcers. One control foal (group 3) developed 1 oral ulcer that healed during the study. Endoscopic examination revealed linear crease-like mucosal lesions in the glandular portion of the stomach in 2 group-2 foals. Radiographic evidence of gastric ulcers was observed in only 1 gastrogram of a group-1 foal. Foals were euthanatized, and necropsy revealed erosions and/or ulcers of the glandular portion of the stomach. Oral ulcers were observed in all 3 group-1 foals. Erosions of the glandular portion of the stomach developed in all 10 foals given flunixin meglumine, but did not develop in group-3 foals. Ulceration of the glandular portion of the stomach was present in 1 group-2 foal.[1]


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