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Identification of the Escherichia coli cell division gene sep and organization of the cell division-cell envelope genes in the sep-mur-ftsA-envA cluster as determined with specialized transducing lambda bacteriophages.

From a lysogen with lambda integrated in the leu operon, specialized transducing phages that carry the cell division, murein biosynthesis, and envelope permeability genes located about 0.5 min to the right of leu were isolated. These phages were used to identify the previously undiscovered cell division gene sep. A genetic map proves that sep is located in the sequence leuA sep murE murF murC ddl ftsA envA. A physical map of this region was prepared by heteroduplex analysis of the phage DNAs. Overlapping segments of host DNA extended rightward for as much as 26.4 kilobase pairs from the prophage insertion point (thought to be in leuA) to include all the genes through envA.[1]


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