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Mastitis and other diseases of the goat's udder.

Udder problems of modern dairy goats are similar to those seen in dairy cows. Anomalies of the goat's udder and teats are common, and many may be hereditary. Skin diseases of the udder include viral infections, mange, sunburn, wounds, and staphylococcal dermatitis. There are numerous known causes of caprine mastitis. These include streptococci, hemolytic and nonhemolytic staphylococci, corynebacteria, and mycoplasmas. Diagnosis of mastitis in goats is often difficult, as the udder secretion may remain grossly normal and somatic cell counts in nonmastitic goats are higher than the recognized normal range for cows. The importance of nonhemolytic staphylococcal cultures remains uncertain. Nonhemolytic staphylococci were isolated at the New York State Mastitis Laboratory from 30% of normal halves and from 22% of halves of udders from goats with assorted clinical problems. Treatment and prophylaxis of caprine mastitis closely parallel the standard technique recommended for bovine mastitis.[1]


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