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Chemical Compound Review

NORLEUCINE     2-aminohexanoic acid

Synonyms: DL-Norleucine, H-DL-Nle-OH, Norleucine, L-, ARONIS27065, ACMC-1CUY1, ...
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High impact information on NORLEUCINE

  • Short hairpin RNAs (shRNAs) were designed and screened for their ability to suppress the expression of caprine and bovine prion protein (PrP) [8].
  • We have solved the x-ray structures of HP35 and its fastest folding mutant [K24 norleucine (nL)] to atomic resolution and compared their experimentally measured folding kinetics by using laser temperature jump [9].
  • We have tested the hypothesis that natural selection has favored diversification of these genes by examining patterns of nucleotide substitution in a sample of 28 closely related bovine, caprine, and ovine family members that are expressed only in trophoblast binucleate cells [10].
  • Human hypothalamic GRF shows major homologies (93%, 89%, and 86%, respectively) when its primary structure is compared to that of the hypothalamic GRF from the porcine, bovine, caprine, and ovine species [11].
  • Bovine buffy coat cells infected with the bovine leukemia virus (BLV) induce syncytia formation in human diploid embryonic lung cells as well as in monolayer cell cultures of bovine, simian, ovine, bat, and caprine origin, but not in mouse fibroblast cells, normall rat kidney cells, or RSV-transformed rat cells [12].

Chemical compound and disease context of NORLEUCINE


Biological context of NORLEUCINE

  • Cell-free preparations of BLV and density gradient-purified virus also induce syncytia when added directly to diploid embryonic lung cells and to bovine, bat, and caprine monolayer cell cultures [12].
  • This study evaluated histopathology and mononuclear cell phenotypes in synovial lesions of chronic arthritis induced by experimental infection of Saanen goats with caprine arthritis-encephalitis lentivirus [18].
  • A murine antiserum to Thy 1.2 and three caprine antisera to MuLV antigens that were active in complement-mediated cytotoxicity functioned poorly in inducing ADCC; however, rabbit antisera to similar antigens were 16- to 512-fold more efficient in cell-mediated than in complement lysis [19].
  • Caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus is distinct from visna and progressive pneumonia viruses as measured by genome sequence homology [20].
  • Severity of arthritis is predicted by antibody response to gp135 in chronic infection with caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus [21].

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