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The effect on early plaque formation, gingivitis and salivary bacterial counts of mouthwashes containing hexetidine/zinc, aminefluoride/tin or chlorhexidine.

This study was designed to investigate the effectiveness of mouthwashes containing hexetidine/zinc (HZA) or tin ( ASF) in inhibiting plaque formation and gingivitis in humans. 24 dental students and assistants participated in the study (latin square design) with 7-day test periods. They rinsed twice daily for 1 min with one of the following formulations: HZA = 750 ppm hexetidine/750 ppm zinc acetate, ASF = 100 ppm aminefluorid/310 ppm stannous fluoride, CHX = 0.1% chlorhexidine and M = negative control. Plaque accumulation was determined planimetrically and gravimetrically. Gingivitis was evaluated with the papillary bleeding index. Total colony forming units and S. mutans counts were estimated from saliva samples. The results showed that HZA and CHX almost completely inhibited plaque accumulation and gingivitis. ASF was less effective than HZA and CHX but still reduced plaque significantly compared to the negative control. Furthermore, CHX reduced salivary S. mutans counts.[1]


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