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Students, Dental

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  • To address this lack of clinical experience, the Department of Oral Diagnostic Sciences of the School of Dental Medicine at the University at Buffalo has also developed a special elective program to offer dental students in their final undergraduate year the opportunity to obtain such experience [14].
  • About 77% of all students did not know their cholesterol levels, and 14% of dental students reported no concern about fat consumption [15].
  • The results of an anonymous questionnaire showed that up to 20% of medical and dental students have utilized nitrous oxide in a social setting to produce a "high." Nitrous oxide was obtained from a variety of sources, most often from cylinders used in the production of whipped cream [16].
  • In a previous paper a slight increase in gingival bleeding tendency was reported after the use of chlorhexidine rinses in dental students with clinically healthy gingivae [17].
  • CONCLUSIONS: The results of the present study have shown that in a group of dental students trained in manual brushing technique, where efficacy was similar with the 3 toothbrushes tested, there is no evidence of greater gingival abrasion with either Braun Oral-B Plak Control Ultra or 3D when compared with a manual brush [18].

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  • The Denzir restorations were produced by the manufacturer of the CAD/CAM-system, and the IPS Empress and Opc by student dental technicians [19].
  • Longitudinal study on oral health of dental students at Paris VII University [20].
  • A structured questionnaire was administered to 236 medical and dental students who had just finished the Part I M.B.B.S./B.D.S. degree examination [21].
  • DAT scores and predental GPAs have made the greatest but an imperfect contribution to the reliable estimation of dental students' academic success [22].
  • The Crawford Small Parts Dexterity Test, a performance test designed to measure eye-hand coordination, was administered to 71 freshman dental students prior to their first-semester classes and again in their senior year [23].

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