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Autoinflation of eustachian tube in young children.

Inflation of the middle ear has long been thought to be beneficial in the treatment of otitis media. We describe a new system of autoinflation based on a modified Valsalva technique consisting of an anesthesia mask and a flowmeter which can be used successfully by children. An objective method to record eustachian tube opening during autoinflation using frequency spectrum analysis of the ear canal sounds is also presented. Tubal opening results of this method were compared to the traditional method using preinflation and postinflation tympanometry. Study subjects included 20 adults with normal otologic findings and 35 children with middle-ear effusion; all together 107 ears of children and adults with and without effusion were tested. Using the frequency spectrum analysis, tubal opening was recorded in 75% of adult ears and 56% of children's ears. Also, in both groups, a sound pressure peak with the same characteristic frequency around 2 kHz was associated with tubal openings. The methods described are incorporated into a clinical trial being conducted at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.[1]


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