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Vitellogenin mRNA in locust fat body: coordinate induction of two genes by a juvenile hormone analog.

Levels of vitellogenin (Vg) mRNA in Locusta migratoria fat body were determined as indicators of gene expression induced by the juvenile hormone analog methoprene. After injection of methoprene into juvenile hormone-deprived locusts, excised fat bodies were cultured with [3H]leucine for immunochemical assay of Vg synthesis, and RNA was assayed for Vg mRNA content by hybridization with probes from the previously cloned locust Vg genes A and B. In general, the rise in Vg mRNA paralleled the rise in Vg synthesis. During the primary response to methoprene (in female locusts in which the corpora allata had been destroyed immediately after emergence), Vg mRNA was first detected after 18-24 hr and accumulated rapidly between 36 and 48 hr. The secondary response (in locusts allatectomized during vitellogenesis and kept until Vg disappeared) was accelerated, as Vg mRNA was detectable at 12 hr and titers rose steeply after 18 hr. When Vg synthesis was prematurely induced by injection of methoprene into fifth-stage female larvae, the kinetics of mRNA accumulation were similar to those of primary stimulation in the adult. After allatectomy of vitellogenic females, fat body Vg mRNA decayed with a half-life of about 24 hr, roughly paralleling the decline in Vg synthesis. Assays with the two Vg probes showed coordinate accumulation of gene A and gene B messages under all conditions tested: during primary and secondary stimulation in adult females and in the low-level response obtained by treating male larvae with methoprene.[1]


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