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Gene context of Vitellogenesis

  • Overall, our study implicated br in the regulation of mosquito vitellogenesis [23].
  • Low level of fshr expression could be detected in the immature ovary, but the level steadily increased during vitellogenesis of the first cohort of developing follicles [24].
  • Two distinct subpopulations of ecdysone receptor complex in the female mosquito during vitellogenesis [25].
  • Our data provide evidence that the vesicular traffic and yolk granules in the process of vitellogenesis play an important role in ZAM transfer to the oocyte [26].
  • Here, we show that betaFTZ-F1, the nuclear receptor implicated as a competence factor for stage-specific responses to ecdysone during Drosophila metamorphosis, serves a similar function during mosquito vitellogenesis [27].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Vitellogenesis


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