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Studies on the promoting effect of lipid-surfactant mixed micelles (MM) on intestinal absorption of colloidal particles. Dependence on particle size and administration site.

The effect of oleic acid-HCO60 mixed micelles (MM) on the absorption of colloidal particles by the large intestine was investigated using the in situ closed loops of rats. Two species of colloidal particles with different sizes, colloidal inks (Platinum ink 2.4-10 nm, Rotring ink 100-800 nm) and colloidal gold particles (mean particle size 5, 20, 40 nm) were chosen. Macroscopic observation showed that in the case of Platinum ink the staining of the mucus of the whole large intestine was promoted by MM and the staining of the rectum remained even after removing the mucus layer. The regional lymph nodes and the thoracic lymph was also stained. On the other hand, in the case of Rotring ink, the stain in the large intestine after removing the mucus layer, in lymph nodes and in the thoracic duct lymph was not observed. The results of quantitative experiments using colloidal gold particles indicated: 1) the upper size limit of colloidal particles absorbed by the large intestine, under the influence of MM was approximately 40 nm, 2) colloidal gold particles were transported from the intestine selectively into the lymphatics and accumulated in the regional lymph nodes, 3) the absorption of colloidal gold particles was largely promoted by MM in the rectum area.[1]


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