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Thoracic Duct

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Disease relevance of Thoracic Duct


High impact information on Thoracic Duct

  • To seek direct information on this question, we transferred unprimed LN or thoracic duct B cells from normal mice to xid mice, i.e., mice unresponsive to the T-independent antigen, trinitrophenyl (TNP)-Ficoll [6].
  • The requirement for C3 receptors on the precursors of antibody-forming cells was studied in an adoptive transfer system using thoracic duct lymphocytes (TDL) from primed rats as a source of precursors and irradiated recipients as hosts [7].
  • During euglycemic clamps (n = 7) in normal conscious dogs we simultaneously measured plasma and thoracic duct lymph insulin and glucose utilization (Rd) [8].
  • Lack of effect of somatostatin and analogues in lymphorrhagia from ruptured thoracic duct [9].
  • Integrin beta 7 was highly expressed on CD4+CD45R- "memory/effector" T cells recirculating through the gut (mesenteric efferent and lower thoracic duct lymph) [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Thoracic Duct

  • Although the etiologic mechanism has not been defined, it is suggested the relationship of increased intrahepatic sinusoidal pressure on the thoracic duct and subsequent decreased lymph flow are interrelated to increased levels of aldosterone and manifested by (chylous) ascites [11].
  • Each lamb underwent two studies, interrupted by a 3-day period in which we drained protein-rich systemic lymph through a thoracic duct fistula and replaced fluid losses with feedings of a protein-free solution of electrolytes and glucose [12].
  • Labelled thoracic-duct lymph was collected from nonfasting rats with a bile fistula after simultaneous intraduodenal infusions of bile labelled with [1-2 3H] cholesterol and a nutritive mixture containing [4-14C] cholesterol [13].
  • Lymph from a thoracic duct fistula, prepared in advance, and from the blood of a peripheral vein was collected simultaneously along a time course after administration to measure the concentrations of FT-207 and 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) [14].
  • Fluid and protein flux responses in the left thoracic duct and vasculature were measured in pentobarbital-anesthetized, nephrectomized, adult dogs before and after four successive intravascular saline infusions of 2% of body weight each [15].

Biological context of Thoracic Duct


Anatomical context of Thoracic Duct


Associations of Thoracic Duct with chemical compounds


Gene context of Thoracic Duct


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Thoracic Duct


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